We provided our clients from Personal Training, Sports Coaching and Fitness/Group Exercise Classes to have their say on why #BreakingRecords Fitness provides the best service all round. We also have had our external employers who have their say as well on why we deliver the services required for the jobs we’ve worked in the past - see "Testimonial" button below to view clients success in the short and long term. We also have our transformational before and after pictures of past and present clients to show the effort of training and dieting can make the difference under the guidance of #BreakingRecords Fitness as well as videos of our Strength and Conditioning journal - to view click here!

Our Transformational Before and After Pictures and others.....

Karen Member Feedback
Edna Member Feedback
Marie Member Feedback
Donna Member Testimonial
Gemma Fatburn
Amy 10k PB
Alex Before Front (08.02.14)
Alex During Front 2 (08.03.14)
Alex After Front (25.04.14)
Alex Before Side (08.02.14)
Alex During Side (08.03.14)
Alex After Side (25.04.14)
Caroline Before Front (04.01.14)
Caroline During Front 1 (01.02.14)
Caroline During Front 2 (01.03.14)
Caroline After Front 4 (25.04.14)
Caroline Before Side (04.01.14)
Caroline During Side 1 (01.02.14)
Caroline During Side 2 (01.03.14)
Caroline After Side (25.04.14)

Please note all real life clients have been given permission to promote the business and not harm them in anyway!

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