The Terms and Conditions are set between #BreakingRecords Fitness and it's clients. The company is registered as Sole Trader use under HMRC regulations. The company provides services from Strength and Conditioning and Express Group Training to support customers with and/or without Membership of #BreakingRecords Fitness. References to events or programmes or courses in this Terms and Conditions are references to 1:1 and group sessions. You Hereby acknowledge and agree that you have read all the terms and conditions and you agree that any of the services that you utilise together with these Terms and Conditions form a contract between you and #BreakingRecords Fitness. The customers that utilise services available are those persons who obtain access of #BreakingRecords Fitness by:

- Making a Booking for Strength and Conditioning 1:1 Personal Training 

- Biomechanics and Performance Testing

- Strength and Conditioning Sessions or Programming

- Making a Booking on the Bookings Website

- For all Customers only via Strength and Conditioning Courses and Workshops

- For Non-Members only via Fitness Classes for Express Group Training

- For Members only via Facebook Group/Communication lists for Express Group Training

- Signing up a Membership in full of the fee in accordance with the agreement

- Only persons aged 16 years old (or over 18) or over and who are able to enter into a binding agreement are eligible to become Customers of the Company. Anyone aged 16 years old or under and have a parent/guardian that have full responsibility of their own will still be eligible to become Customers of the Company until they have reached their 16th (or 18th) Birthday under DBS and Safeguarding Checks being obtained once every 3 years.

In each of our services are found in the generic parts of the Terms and Conditions set below