The oringal logo of O'Dell's Health and Fitness

About #BreakingRecords Fitness

The previous original logo of #BreakingRecords Fitness - 2015

In the past, we were originally known as O'Dell's Health and Fitness operating in the Luton area which was established in 2012. After 3 years and moved to a different environment, we've rebranded and restructured how our business works and changed the business name to run a legacy of self motivation called #BreakingRecords Fitness (see pictures of logo's on the side).

Today, #BreakingRecords Fitness operates in the Norfolk area for mobile Strength and Conditioning as well as Express Group Training and Nutrition. Our aim is to set you in the right frame of mind in smaller goals at a time to achieve the bigger picture. We don't believe in quick fixes or happy pills that will cure you to lose weight, build muscle or recover from an injury in the short space of time. We believe that self motivation and discipline in the long term can help individuals like you to achieve and accomplish everyday tasks that will build you a bigger picture later in life. 

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The official logo of #BreakingRecords Fitness (remastered) - 2019

Necton Bootcamp
Watton Outdoor HIIT
Dereham Fatburn
Group PT session in the Sun
More hardwork at Bootcamp
Dereham Bootcamp Survivors
Personal Training in the Gym
Crawling down in Bootcamp