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Welcome to the Membership Sign Up Form, here you'll be able to sign up as a Full Member of #BreakingRecords Fitness. As a Member, you'll be able to access services that include of the following on the buttons provided below:

Once you sign up as a Member using the form provided on the right, you will be contacted via email to complete your Membership Sign Up to join officially as a Member of #BreakingRecords Fitness. A text message will be sent to you for confirmation that we have received your sign up form below at the earliest opportunity.

Any promotion or referral codes that are available, please use the message box provided on the right hand side of the sign up form for us to make note for instructions provided when you officially join. Also if your membership is not active to join within 30 days of sign up, we reserve the right to mutually terminate you completing your membership sign up form and you may be charged £50 for wasting our time.

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