Our Aim?

The aim of our Exercise Referral Scheme is change people's lives around to ensure they kickstart a 3 months referral program specific to peoples needs on what we can cover as outlined on the page. After people have completed their 3 months referral program, our important goal is to keep them on track throughout their journey and ensuring they continue to work towards to their goals.


Who do we work with?

We work with Local GP Surgeries from the NHS and Private Clinics, including a Exercise Referral Scheme run by Broadly Active run from the Broadland District Council covering the Breckland and Norwich areas. Broadly Active can be found by clicking here for more details. We hope to work alongside in partnership with a local Fitness Club or Leisure Centre so keep your eyes pealed!

What do we provide?

We provide all-inclusive Fitness Classes for everyone, 1:1 Personal Training Sessions or a Fitness Program to keep you on track. During your 3 months Exercise Referral Program, we devise a program tailored made to the patient's needs. Including a Consultation, Health, Fitness and Movement Screening Tests before, during and after the patient's Referral Program.

Our Scope of practice?

As outlined on the page about the role of an Exercise Referral Instructor, we only cover the basics of medical conditions to support clients throughout their journey - we also specialise in Strength and Conditioning which can be viewed here. Specific medical conditions will be available within our practice to ensure we provide the service in more detail.

How do I sign up onto the Exercise Referral Scheme?

A great question! You can apply to participate in this Exercise Referral Scheme and make an appointment with your Local GP to obtain informed consent to be referred onto a Exercise Referral Scheme with #BreakingRecords Fitness, along with the patient's medical details, etc. Alternatively, you can visit on Broadly Active's website as mentioned above and download a form to fill in and discuss options. Once we've received communication from your Local GP or Broadly Active, we will be in touch to arrange a consultation. We can only accept referral's within our level scope of practice if successful as stated on the roles and responsibilities and what we're qualified to work with, more details can be found on our Term's and Conditions by clicking here! Download our application form to get started.

What's the price tag on this service?

Prices on what we charge for this service will be discussed on consultation, as long as the patient agrees to the informed consent that they wish to participate in a Exercise Referral Scheme. Only consultations are chargable on before, during and after appointments at £30 per consultation (or £75 for prepaid consultations in advance) for our time to get the best out of you.


1) Health Professional and Patient - Identifying the patients that are inactive and have a medical condition covered by the scheme. The patient agrees to referral and is being prepared and informed consent is obtained.

2) #BreakingRecords Fitness - We receive the referral and check that all inclusion/exclusion criteria and all relevant medical information have been received. We meet with the patient and conduct a consultation including Health, Movement and Fitness Screening Tests. Thereafter we prepare an exercise program for the patient. 

3) Patient - They attend to agreed session(s) and carries out the program.

4) #BreakingRecords Fitness - We support the patient and review the program to modify, adapt and progress any changes to the exercise program. This is to monitpr intensity and exercise response.

5) Patient - They complete the program and hope their behaviour has changed to continue exercise in the long term.

6) #BreakingRecords Fitness - We would be able to assist with the patient in choice of exit strategy and collecting the completion data for reports. This is to collate and report back to Health Professional as to progress of the patient's success.

Note - As we work alongside with Broadly Active's Exercise Referral Scheme, we only step in from conducting a consultation right through to assisting a choice of exit strategy and collecting data for reporting feedback communication. We also reserve the right to make a referral on other avenues that are outside of our scope of practice such as a Dietitian, Psychologist, Councillor to send communication directly to your Local GP (or with Broadly Active). This can be found on our Terms and Conditions website.

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